Network Control Unit gets major HW Upgrade


For the twinLANe network control unit (NCU), an upgrade set consisting of 3 brand new boards is available.

The NCU is a rack device that translates MADI streams into twinLANe Ethernet Layer-2 conforming streams. With the new upgrade, its capacity as a central control device for twinLANe network nodes is extended to a high degree. The hardware upgrade includes a Master Board, a MADI- and a WCK-Extension Board.

Most importantly, provision of a USB port allows remote controlling of the NCU by a host PC.

The set of new boards also improves the I/O-versatility of the device. ADAT-, MADI-, WCK-, USB- and LAN-ports are available. Their provision saves a lot of rack space, external MADI- and WCK-distribution devices become obsolete.

The cost savings are significant.

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