• Diplom Ingenieur, Technical University Darmstadt, 1981  (‘Diplom Ingenieur’ is a german degree, equivalent to ‘Master of Engineering’)


  • Research and development of professional digital audio systems: Senior-level know-how in most areas of recording, processing and distribution of digital audio signals
  • Design work includes invention, prototyping and development of products featuring high resolution A/D-conversion, audio-networks, fiber-optical transmission, digital audio interfaces, TDM-busses, routers, multi-processor DSP systems, HD-based recording and editing
  • Expert level design skills: System architecture, as well as board- and chip-level design methodology. Special focus on FPGAs, VHDL and assembler programming. More than 25 years of experience in FPGA-, DSP- and embedded controller technology.
  • Pro-audio expertise: Consultant and freelance audio engineer, working in the professional audio business since 1975. In-depth knowledge of all procedures and aspects regarding professional music production, including live-recording, tracking, dubbing, editing, mixing and mastering.
  • Active member of the AES and the IEEE
  • Current research focus: Audio over IP networks, precision time protocol, DLL based frequency synthesizers, multiple processors embedded in FPGAs

Major Projects


  • US5600317: ‘Apparatus for the conversion of analog audio signals to …’
  • ES2176281:  ‘Audio signal A/D converter’
  • US5517672:  ‘Multichannel device having storage modules in a loop configuration …’
  • EP0471814:  ‘Multichannel device for digital recording and reproduction …’